Comex HNI

The Comex HNI service is particularly designed for our most valued HNI customers who are interested to obtain more profitable signals. Every HNI customer is assigned to an experienced research analyst where we offer a full online and offline support to our important clients 24/7.  The research analysis of market allows investors & traders to obtain benefits in the Commodity market & expect profitable potential in Comex. Our HNI package is intentionally designed on the basis of Comex derivative segments that promise investors a long term profit.

The Comex HNI Pack contains most excellent technical research that delivers long term profit & also provides precise observation about global market, In-depth technical research for huge returns at less risk. What’s more, our team of market researcher intends to deliver an accurate level of recommendations in Comex including buy-sell strategy. Our experts keenly take care of our customers to supervise the risk & reward ratio for long term & short term investor as well, thereby create their investment secure throughout the trading.

What you Get?

  • Our research team offers you daily 1 to 2 signals either may be Gold & Silver
  • 25-30 forex signals on monthly basis.
  • Daily Update for buying or selling hedge funds by traders
  • All important News & Information about Gold, Silver, crude oil and natural gas Market provide.
  • Follow Ups by our team in each signal
  • We assure 80-85 % accuracy
  • 24/7 direct Support with our Core research team members


Medium Of Calls

  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Hangouts
  • Email


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